At Hatchet Brewing Co., we are committed to giving our community a voice in the craft beer that they, and you, drink. And, in our "Community Picks" competition, we are giving everyone the opportunity to create their own Hatchet Brewing beer. 

Here's how it works: 

(1) Submit a style/type of beer and brief description in the form below by Monday, December 23.

(2) Hatchet Brewing will select the top four submissions and announce the finalists on January 1, 2020.

(3) Voting by the Hatching Brewing community on Instagram will begin Monday, January 6. Winner will be announced on Thursday, January 9.

(4) Winner will join Hatchet's brewer on-site to help create the beer for the community. 

(5). Winner will get to name the beer!

(6) Pour the first beer at the launch event in March
(making beer is a process) 


By submitting your beer type/style and description you give Hatchet Brewing Company all rights to make, market, and sell products under the submitted information. No worries, we'll give you all the credit, and maybe a free one on the house!